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  • C208 Caravan AmphibAir Juan Philippines
  • C208B-EXAdventure Air Canada
  • Quest KodiakDaher Kodiak 100
  • C208B-EXCaravan Seaplane at Luxury Yacht
  • C208B-EX AmphibDaher Kodiak Flies PM of India
  • C208B-EX AmphibAir Juan Philippines
  • Cessna CaravanTravira Air Seaplane Hangar
  • Daher KodiakDaher Kodiak visits with the King of Tonga
  • Seaplane and Luxury YachtAir Juan Philippines
  • Kodiak in IndiaDaher Kodiak Flies PM of India
  • C208 AmphibNeumont Mines Indonesia
  • Daher Kodiak SeaplaneDaher Kodiak in India
  • C208 AmphibianSumbawa Indonesia
  • Daher Kodiak SeaplaneDaher Kodiak Flies PM of India
  • C208B-EX AmphibCaravan Seaplane at Luxury Yacht
  • Kodiak AmphibDaher Kodiak in India

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Aviation Management and Start-Up Specialist for Cessna C208, C208B EX,
Quest Kodiak 100 and DHC-6 Seaplane Services,
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