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Cessna Caravan Amphibious
Seaplane Training

Your Seaplane - Your Location

  • Operational assessment for open water operations;
  • Pilot's initial floatplane ratings;
  • Flight training for seaplane handling and emergency procedures;
  • On-the-job operational training;
  • Advance seaplane and open water techniques training;
  • Practical Introduction to the G1000;
  • Differences Training for the C208B EX on Wipaire 8750s;


  • Amending or writing SOP's, Operations and Training Manuals;
  • Pilot's advanced flight training curriculum;
  • Ground school for pilots and engineers;
  • Differences training for pilots converting aircraft types;
  • Electronic Weight and Balance Programs;

    Maintenance and Infrastructure

  • Maintenance best practices for Corrosion Control;
  • Designing and setting up floating passenger transfer stations;
  • Designing and setting up support equipment;
  • Designing and setting up hangars and passenger terminals
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    Goulet Aviation provides operational and flight training services for companies introducing the Cessna C208 or C208B EX Amphibious Seaplane to their fleet.


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